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Sid’s back, together with he went to Nekocon this year! After me talking the con upwardly for the mass of 2014, he decided to brand the trip downwardly for the weekend, together with portion inward the shenanigans that entirely come upwardly from THIS ONE CON. Seriously, I convey to a greater extent than Nekocon stories than whatever other convention. But inward his experience sits the same i I had my start fourth dimension downwardly seven years ago. 


This was my start Nekocon I’ve e’er been to together with exactly to nation it quite simply, I loved everything nearly this convention. Having been to other cons including: AnimeNext (I experience similar a vet at this convention for all the years I’ve gone), Otakon, Anime Boston, Castle Point, Katsucon, together with few others smaller college cons, I must nation Nekocon is straightaway upwardly in that place every bit i of my favorites. While this convention isn’t small, it yet has i of the friendliest together with relaxing atmospheres I’ve e’er seen at a con. I usage to believe goose egg tin dismiss compaction the intimate feeling of Castle Point Anime Convention, at to the lowest degree non until I attended Neko Con together with dare I say, I intend this con one-upped it.
(This is what I’ve been proverb nearly Nekocon for years, Sid. I’m glad yous discovered why I honey this con together with therefore much. Neko has this sense of intimacy that other cons exactly don’t have, regardless of size.)
The entirely run of this convention that was a negative indicate for me was the long, long business for registration. I spent ii ½ hours on business Th night, afterward an 8 ½ hr educate ride to Virginia. To live on honest, that was absolutely the terminal matter I needed. 
But inward the actual convention itself…well I liked pretty much everything I saw. The creative individual alley was small, but it had about actually cool stuff. The Dealer’s Room, although non the same every bit AnimeNext, Otakon, or Katsucon, was yet okay. But the video game room at this convention…that was i of the best I’ve e’er seen. There was a squeamish multifariousness of fighting games, shooting games, music beat games similar DDR together with Project Diva, together with multiplayer games similar the novel Legend of Zelda game for Wii-U. 

My most favorite run of this convention though had to live on the panels. The people running Study of Anime correct here, Charles together with Kit, did several panels together including a Japanese Shinto panel, Kill la Kill panel, together with Charles’ Panel Rewind where he tried to create iii panels of the audiences’ selection inside an hr (talk nearly fast talking for that one). I likewise got to meet run of the Making Music for Video Games panel, the Crunchyroll Industry Panel, Kit’s panel on Witch Mythology, together with ii Vocaloid panels, including a Vocaloid Producer’s Panel together with Vocaloid the Global Phenomenon panel run past times Aki Glancy. All the panels I saw were actually entertaining together with helps Neko Con stick out peculiarly for beingness a smaller convention. I really much recommend going to Neko Con if yous alive inward the E coast together with are looking to teach to a convention inward November.

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