Ajoite Papagoite Quartz

Locality: Messina mine, Messina District, Limpopo Province, South Africa (Locality at mindat.org)Size: miniature, 5.2 10 5.2 10 3.2 cmPapagoite too Ajoite included inwards QuartzThis odd specimen has BOTH rare bluish species included inside it, AND is a floater cluster of quartz, every bit a bonus. Clusters inwards skilful status are non too so common, too normally they are bigger anyhow. Most pocket-sized pieces from hither are singles – the mine likes to grow its quartz big. Only rarely produce y’all larn both minerals included inside the same piece, too hither y’all bring it inwards both of the conjoined quartzes. The papagoite is the darker blue, too ajoite the lighter blue. Both are acquaint at the border boundary of an unusual, internal phantom inwards the upright crystal. The quartz cluster broke away from its matrix inwards geologic fourth dimension an drehealed on the bottom, thence making this a floater, consummate all around. Remarkably, it is pristine.

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