AXZ Keywords #9

We’re solely a couplet days away from the showtime one-half of the AXZ finale. As things larn to a greater extent than convoluted, the keywords buy the farm all the to a greater extent than necessary to assist maintain things straight. This entry answers 1 inquiry that I had myself recently: why did the gears buy the farm unusable post-Unison? Read on to honor out!

Reactive Contamination 

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 malfunction inward the converter unit of measurement of the Symphogear organization that comes close every bit a outcome of the Fool’s Stone counteracting the effects of the Philosopher’s Stone (lapis philosophicus). With no difficult information on the lapis philosophicus readily available, Elfnein’s working theory on how to counteract the suppression of the Ignite Module was mainly based on observations as well as approximate work. While the “Nullification Barrier Coating” was a success, the unloose energy output was unstable due to an mistake inward measuring which position stress upon the organization as well as ultimately resulted inward a “Logic Error” põrnikas that left the organization unable to fully utilise all of its functions properly. While this poses no dire threat to the Symphogear organization itself, an adequate overhaul is necessary to debug the procedure as well as volition accept a fair sum of fourth dimension as well as attempt to complete.

Orion as well as God’s Gate

There be a grouping of shrines inward Saitama Prefecture (Hikawa Shrine, Hikawanyotai Shrine, Nakyama Shrine, Hisaizu Shrine, Tsuki Shrine) that cast a designing incredibly similar to that of the Orion constellation. In fact it is the exact contrary of it, every bit if reflected inward a mirror, as well as its shape is oft likened to a Japanese drum. In ancient Egypt, Osiris was represented inward the heavens past times Orion as well as the constellation is said to get got been “God’s Gate.” For that argue legends get got passed that this gate either connects to God, or is where God genuinely resides. For immediately the details rest unclear, simply in that place is no doubtfulness that this has a connecter the plans of the Bavarian Illuminati who seek to position the ability of God into a novel form. Further, inward the Sumerian linguistic communication the catch of God’s Gate is represented past times the discussion “Kadingir.” The Bavarian Illuminati as well as the Pre-historic Priestess Fine. These ii sides both strive for the destination of the Curse of Balal, as well as whether past times coincidence or otherwise both their plans get got involved the usage of God’s Gate on a grand scale. Could their desires ultimately last the same every bit well? Or perhaps, possibly…

Hida Ninja Clan

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 grouping of elite ninja that lived hidden amidst the mountains of Hida. Utilizing thunder, water, earth, wind, fire, metallic as well as blossom – through these vii unlike styles of superhuman techniques they were known non solely for their word gathering network, simply too for their fight prowess. They served nether Toyotomi Hideyoshi until they disappeared afterwards the Battle of Sekigahara (although unofficially in that place are records of their participation inward the autumn of the Tokugawa shogunate). After the Meiji Restoration, they were inward service to the Japanese Government as well as maintain to do then to this day. This is the history of the Ogawa Family. The previous caput of the family, Kunimitsu Ogawa, too fought for the greater practiced exterior of the world optic similar to the Adaptors. He fought against the Taurus Twins who sought greater Westernization, as well as was a fundamental component of preventing their “Sanctuary Plan” from reaching realization. There are many stories of his battles against evil inward the shadows that helped to do the peace of today.