Ben ten Hindi Episodes (Original Series)

When 10-year-old Ben Tennyson discovers a mysterious device, he gains the ability to alter into 10 unlike alien heroes, each amongst uniquely awesome powers.
-Season 1 – Complete Season-


Episode 01 – “And Then There Were 10”
10-year-old Ben Tennyson begins summertime opor-garai amongst his 10-year-old cousin Gwen as well as his grandpa Max.

Episode 02 – “Washington B.C.”
Ben overuses the lookout adult man as well as doesn’t have got whatsoever ability left when Dr. Animo, a disgruntled scientist, brings creatures from the Natural History Museum inwards Washington, D.C. to life.

Episode 03 – “The Krakken”
When Ben as well as Max go along a line-fishing trip amongst Captain Shaw, they encounter the Krakken that lives inwards the lake.

Episode 04 – “Permanent Retirement”
Ben as well as Max drive to a retirement centre to see Aunt Vera, but discovery out that evil alien shape-shifters called the Limax are kidnapping as well as replacing the elderly residents inwards gild to devour them later.

Episode 05 – “Hunted”
Vilgax hires iii alien bounty hunters, Kraab, Sixsix, as well as Tetrax, to think the Omnitrix.

Episode 06 – “Tourist Trap”
While inwards a tourist trap town called Sparksville, Ben plays a practical joke that accidentally unleashes Megawatt, small-scale creatures made from electrical energy.

Episode 07 – “Kevin 11”
Straying from Max after an argument, Ben meets as well as befriends a man child named Kevin, who has the ability to absorb whatsoever shape of energy.

Episode 08 – “The Alliance”
Ben equally Four Arms reluctantly fights a woman soul thief named Rojo, who injures Max.

Episode 09 – “Last Laugh”
While visiting a travelling circus, Ben fights an evil clown named Zombozo who is draining people’s souls through their laughter.

Episode 10 – “Lucky Girl”
Ben prevents a powerful wizard named Hex from stealing the Arkamada Book of Spells.

Episode xi – “A Small Problem”
In a check of stubbornness, the Omnitrix transforms Ben into Grey Matter as well as leaves him stuck inwards that shape for far longer than normal.

Episode 12 – “Side Effects”
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 homo named Clancy, who has the ability to command insects, wants to have got revenge on Councilwoman Liang because she wants to tear downwards the edifice where he as well as his insects live.

Episode xiii – “Secrets” Season Finale
With his wounds finally healed, Vilgax decides to personally think the Omnitrix. He contacts Ben inwards a dream, which worries Max.

-Season 2-

Episode xiv – “Truth”
After the incident amongst Vilgax, Grandpa Max tells Ben as well as Gwen close his undercover past. He actually was a plumber, but non the garden diversity version.

Episode xv – “The Big Tick”
During a trip to Yellowstone National Park, Ben discovers a novel alien on the Omnitrix: Cannonbolt, an armadillo alien. At the same time, a falling star crashes nearby unleashing a giant, tick-like alien called the “Great One” that intends to devour the planet.

Episode 17 – “Gwen 10”
When Ben wakes upward 1 morning, he finds the Omnitrix missing from his arm.

Episode xviii – “The Grudge Match”
Diamondhead battles the still-mutated Kevin, who had rendered Gwen as well as Max unconscious. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 droid named Slix Vigma observes their fight, recognizing them equally potential gladiators.

Episode nineteen – “The Galactic Enforcers”
When a brace of bounty hunters computer program to utilization raw minerals from basis to create a devastatingly powerful bomb, Ben joins a grouping of alien super heroes, Galactic Enforcers, inwards gild to halt them.

Episode twenty – “Camp Fear”
Distracted past times Ben as well as Gwen quarreling, Max almost hits a immature camper named Gilbert on the road.


Ultimate Weapon Max’s Plumber equipment detects that an ancient mask had been unearthed. This rapidly triggers a alter inwards Max’s attitude; he claims that this artifact would Pb to the most powerful weapon e’er designed, as well as that he should think it earlier it falls into the incorrect hands. Max right away becomes to a greater extent than impatient, worse-tempered, as well as far stricter. Upon retrieving the mask, the Tennysons come upward into conflict amongst The Organization, at nowadays called the Forever Knights, who desire to discovery the weapon themselves. The Tennysons halt upward amongst the mask after a struggle as well as utilization it to discovery the ultimate weapon, the Sword of Ekchuah, within of a Mayan pyramid. There, Fourarms faces off against the Mayan decease god Ah Puch spell the Forever Knights grapple Max for the sword. In a painstaking decision, Max decides to relieve his draw solid unit of measurement instead of claiming the weapon, realizing which was to a greater extent than important. His selection was non inwards vain, equally the antique sword crumbles to dust 1 time Enoch takes it. The temple collapses, as well as though Max warns Enoch non to stay, Enoch remains within inwards an elbow grease to collect the dust that was 1 time the ultimate weapon.


While visiting a mega-mall, Ben as well as Gwen lookout adult man a hypnotist perform. Gwen volunteers Ben equally a exam subject, as well as the host, Sublimino, successfully hypnotizes him. When asked to human action similar an alien, Ben naturally turns to the Omnitrix as well as almost changes inwards front end of the audience. Even though he is stopped past times Gwen, the problem doesn’t halt there. Sublimino is able to utilization those he hypnotizes to commit crimes inwards their dream state, as well as the alien-equipped Ben proves to live the perfect accomplice. Using Ben, Sublimino is able to bag parts to brand a much bigger hypnotism device, this fourth dimension hypnotizing everyone inwards the mall including Gwen as well as Grandpa. But Ben escapes the hypno beam. Ben stops him equally Wildvine as well as Sublimino is presumably arrested. Ben finds Sublimino’s hypno lookout adult man as well as hypnotizes Gwen to feed him H2O ice cream that ends upward all over his head

Below episodes are available inwards lookout adult man online  

Ben, Grandpa Max, as well as Gwen come upward upon a bizarre Christmas hamlet run past times a Christmas-obsessed homo (Mr. Jingles) who thinks Grandpa Max is Santa Claus as well as proceeds to trap him. As Ben as well as Gwen explore, they acquire close a foreign curse on the hamlet from 1 of its few disloyal elves, including one, who happens to live the boy of the Christmas-obsessed man. The hamlet was frozen at Christmas, inwards the 1930s. But when Ben delivers all the gifts that had been made, fourth dimension catches upward to the hamlet instantly. All of opor-garai hamlet is dorsum to normal as well as all captured children have got been returned as well as aged accordingly to where they were as well as aged to their right ages equally though they had never been taken. (For those of you lot familiar amongst the pop Japanese anime, Naruto: when Ben, Gwen, as well as Max view Elsgood (who is at nowadays aged into an erstwhile man), he’s at that topographic point amongst his 3 grandchildren, who resemble Konahamaru, Moegi, as well as Udon

Ben 10 Season 3 Episode seven Super Alien Hero Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures When a television set demo called Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures, which stars corny cartoon versions of Fourarms, Heatblast, as well as Wildmutt, shows up, Ben gets angry as well as demands credit. Furthermore, it has replaced his favorite show, Kangaroo Commando. It simply hence happens Ben as well as Gwen are visiting Planetary Studios at the time, hence he tries to human face the producer close it. Meanwhile, foreign accidents start out occurring to a greater extent than or less the thespian who plays The Commando, conveniently allowing the thespian to relieve the day. 

Ben 10 Season 3 Episode 8 Under WrapsUnder Wraps In gild to instruct Ben as well as Gwen the value of hard work, Grandpa Max takes them to a farm. However,Todd, a boy of a Female farmhand named Joan Maplewood tells Ben as well as Gwen of a mummy that had lately arrived inwards a flash of majestic lightning, prompting their curiosity. The 2 of them discovery it earthworks for a foreign stone, but it attacks them equally shortly equally they view it. XLR8 fights it to no avail, but the mummy flees inwards the confusion. Max discovers that the foreign stone is an unstable chemic called “Corrodium,” which causes severe mutation inwards earthly organisms. The Tennysons rails the mummy downwards to an H2O ice cream factory, but halt upward inwards danger when the mummy proves to live invincible. In the resulting struggle, the mummy touches the Omnitrix as well as inadvertently adds its DNA, allowing Ben to utilization that form; however, the Omnitrix decides to transform Ben into Upgrade instead. Upgrade possesses a liquid nitrogen containment tank as well as sprays the mummy amongst the chemical, effectively freezing it. The draw solid unit of measurement as well as hence flees the farm for fright of to a greater extent than manual labor. 

Ben 10 Season 3 Episode nine The Unnaturals The Unnaturals Ben goes to view his favorite Little League team. Unfortunately, who should live on his squad but his rivals, JT as well as Cash. He discovers that their opponents, the Squires, are robots. He cheats for his ain team, but it industrial plant against them when the robots essay to kidnap people on the squad who appeared to live experts due to Ben’s help. While attempting a rescue, Ben discovers that the robots plans are to supervene upon the President of the United States, who had also been watching the game. The Tennysons foil the Squires’ computer program as well as personally relieve the president. After they have got left, Enoch appears, revealing the computer program to live his own. He vows that the Tennysons volition pay amongst their lives. 

The Return Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 shuttle launch at NASA is interrupted past times a majestic lightning storm. This attracts the attending of Ben, Gwen, as well as Max, who promise to discovery the beginning of the alien werewolf as well as mummy. While at NASA, Ben runs into an ill-tempered scientist past times the yell of Dr. Vicktor. Surveillance tapes associate him amongst the majestic lightning storm, as well as he is rapidly shown to live inwards cahoots amongst the 2 creatures. Ben, Gwen, as well as Max encounter the creatures again, inwards add-on to Doctor Vicktor inwards his truthful form. Following a losing battle, the Tennysons split upward up: Max as well as Gwen board the infinite shuttle that Doctor Vicktor launches, as well as Ben follows Vicktor equally XLR8. The mummy’s onboard the infinite shuttle, as well as Vicktor sends the werewolf to New United Mexican States inwards a flash of majestic lightning through utilization of a teleportation device. But equally Ben confronts Dr. Vicktor, the scientist reveals that he is non carrying out his ain plan. Vicktor revives his master: Who to Ben’s horror, is revealed to be, Ghostfreak. 


Be Afraid of the Dark Ben is at nowadays facing both a revived Ghostfreak as well as Doctor Vicktor, rapidly transforming into Grey Matter to escape. Grey Matter is able to discern Ghostfreak’s computer program from a estimator terminal: Using the corrodium to amplify the ability source of the orbiting infinite station, inwards conjunction amongst the device the alien werewolf built inwards New Mexico, Ghostfreak is intent on roofing the daylight side of the basis inwards a corrodium shield. This volition non exclusively mutate Earth’s population, but it volition also block out the sun, giving Ghostfreak a world of eternal darkness to dominion over. Ben uses Upgrade to create a makeshift rocket to acquire to the infinite station, which Vicktor clings to hence that he powerfulness also acquire to the station.  


The Visitor Two snowmobilers accidentally divulge an alien named Xylene from a foreign container. Xylene locates the Omnitrix as well as attacks Ben, nether the impression that he had stolen it. However, when Max comes to defend, the 2 recognize each other equally erstwhile friends. Xylene as well as Max reminisce subsequently that night. As Wildvine spies on them, Xylene asks Max to go out basis as well as go through the Universe amongst her. Distraught, Ben runs dorsum to the campsite, where he is unable to ward off an gear upward on past times 1 of Vilgax’s remaining drones as well as has to rely on Max as well as Xylene for help. There, Xylene reveals that she was the commander of the ship bringing the Omnitrix to basis when Vilgax attacked it, as well as that she had intended to ship it to Max; Ben received the Omnitrix past times accident. Ben runs off inwards stupor as well as Gwen follows. The drone attacks 1 time again as well as captures Max. 


Dr. Animo has simply escaped from prison theatre amongst the assist of a mutated seagull, plotting to acquire revenge on Ben 1 time again, who is at the beach amongst Gwen as well as Max. Ben is existence impulsive equally no 1 volition play amongst him, until he is confronted past times Animo’s seagull. During the fight, Ben discovers a novel alien on the Omnitrix, Ditto, who has the ability to multiply at will. Ben manages to drive of the seagull as well as enjoys playing equally his multiple ditto copies. However 1 of Ben’s Ditto clones is captured past times Animo himself, inwards hopes of exploiting his alien deoxyribonucleic acid for his ain evil purposes. Using the alien DNA, Animo creates an regular army of self-multiplying mutant Stinkflies, but Ben exploits the inherent weakness inwards the clones to destroy every Stinkfly clone as well as capture Dr. Animo 1 time more. 


Growing weak amongst erstwhile age, Hex is seeking out something to brand him remain young. At the same time, Max is having difficulties amongst his aging body, hence he decides to print his grandkids at a fair to demo them he’s non equally elderly equally he seems. At the dunking game Max challenged them to, he as well as Ben both acquire splashed, unaware that the H2O is from the Fountain of Youth. Max regresses into a ten-year-old spell Ben becomes a four-year-old. The booth’s possessor is Hector, the guardian of the fountain, having been charged to practise hence past times Juan Ponce de León 400 years previously. Hex manages to forcefulness the homo into revealing the location of the fountain, which he uses to acquire immature again. However, Ben uses Heatblast to vaporize the fountain, inwards the procedure exposing Hex to plenty of the H2O to plough him into an infant. With the springtime gone, the homo reveals that the effects of the H2O volition vesture off without constant exposure. Meanwhile, Charmcaster finds her babe uncle as well as enjoys taunting him at his expense.
Ben, Gwen, as well as Grandpa Max attend a draw solid unit of measurement marriage for Max’s nephew Joel as well as his bride-to-be, Camille. Before the hateful solar daytime of the wedding, Ben tries to go swimming inwards the lake, exclusively to interrupt a mud alien’s elbow grease to sabotage the wedding. Ben defeats the sludge alien equally Cannonbolt but finds the groom’s parents pointing rifles at him shortly after. 


 Ben 4 Good Buddy While traveling through a desert, the Tennysons encounter a grouping of modern-day pirates called the Road Crew attempting to hijack the RV of Laurence Wainright. After stopping the Road Crew, the draw solid unit of measurement makes a pit halt as well as Ben as well as Gwen showtime to complain close how the Rust Bucket doesn’t function right as well as isn’t nearly equally luxurious equally Laurence’s RV. Shortly afterwards the Road Crew returns as well as steals the Rust Bucket. While Grandpa Max tries desperately to rails downwards the Rust Bucket, the Road Crew give it a makeover for utilization inwards their plans. The Tennysons “borrow” Laurence’s RV to grab upward to the Road Crew simply equally they bag missiles from a train. Baron Highway, the leader of the Road Crew, plans on using the missiles to destroy the novel highway, which inwards plough volition increase traffic on the roads that the Road Crew patrol. Ultimately Ben stops Baron Highway’s computer program using his noesis of the Rust Bucket’s quirks.  


Ben returns domicile after summertime opor-garai ends as well as Max told that he must maintain the Omnitrix a secret. This is made all the to a greater extent than hard past times Ben’s classmates who admire Ben’s alien heroes spell completely oblivious to Ben existence them. Initially disappointed, Ben gets the remove chances to utilization the Omnitrix when Vilgax attacks, looking to have got the Omnitrix from Ben. All 4 Tennysons (Ben’s begetter helps) grapple off Vilgax’s drones running amok inwards the city. When Vilgax appears again, easily fending off Ben, Ben’s begetter suggests leading him into the subway scheme gas line, which they ignite to incinerate the villain. Ben’s undercover is revealed to the populace as well as Gwen ends upward transferring to his school. Just when it seems similar everything is quiet, Dr. Animo shows upward amongst a mob of mutated animals, which Ben as well as Gwen acquire create to fight