BTR-4E withal inwards the running inwards Thailand according to Ukraine…

via Janes.

Ukraine’s state-owned defense exports as well as manufacture means UkrOboronProm is continuing discussions amongst the Royal Thai Army (RTA) over the furnish as well as local production of the 8×8 BTR-4E armoured personnel carrier (APC), Jane’s has learnt.

The BTR-4E as well as China’s 8×8 VN-1 APC, made past times Norinco, were downselected to run into the RTA’s APC requirement before this year, amongst the Chinese production declared past times the authorities inwards June equally the preferred tenderer.

However, a contract betwixt the RTA as well as Norinco has non nevertheless been signed as well as a UkrOboronProm official stressed that the means remains “actively engaged’ amongst the RTA virtually a potential lodge of the BTR-4E.

Hmm.  I simply don’t reckon the Ukrainian offering existence able to stand upwardly for what the Chinese are inwards the VN-1.  That rig looks similar a to a greater extent than modern design, seems to swim improve as well as equally far equally weapon systems it looks similar its almost plug as well as play.

It’ll hold upwardly fun to sentry Thailand on this one.