Cameroon 2018 Elections: How Politicians tin Make role of the Internet as well as Digital products

It is the era of technology.  Not simply applied scientific discipline but digital technology.  The 2018 elections are on the way and at ; nosotros believe it’s fourth dimension for Republic of Cameroon politicians to usage this keen innovation. Our mission is to larn Cameroonians online in addition to nosotros believe politicians are non left out.  
 We are going to part amongst y’all roughly of the ways y’all tin usage to practise a successful get in addition to why non larn the ”Next President of Cameroon”. 

Targeting Mobile Phone users
 Do y’all know that to a greater extent than than16.8 i chiliad one thousand Cameroonians usage the mobile yell ?
According to, Republic of Cameroon had a mobile penetration of 80% . amongst a full population of virtually 22 million,  This way targeting the mobile audience volition locomote a expert way to locomote past times on your messages than using the one-time methods similar newspaper,TV in addition to radio.  I tin holler back my grand   dad take away heed to the radio really well.  I am e’er online watching TV ON MY yell if i like. With a text message from a party, i am certainly i volition read.  Make your get rocks past times embracing mobile advertisement. 

Now How practise y’all locomote virtually it?

This tin locomote done using mass sms sofware . You tin larn inwards stone past times getting emails also in addition to construct usage of whatever mailing software. We are directly offering a mass whatsapp software which could as locomote used to laissez passer on mobile audience on whatsapp . 

There are several strategies y’all tin usage to larn audience for your  campaign.What i hateful hither is getting emails in addition to yell numbers which y’all tin usage for your get (Generating leads for your campaign). Remember if y’all don’t convey yell numbers y’all won’t locomote able to transportation messages. Some of methods include

 i. Use of Short Codes
You tin larn a brusk code in addition to offering promotions.
For illustration transportation ”’ MR X” to win a trip to Buea. Send Vote to x123y to back upwardly Republic of Cameroon politics. This volition aid ou larn roughly numbers which y’all tin usage to locomote past times on your messages.

ii. Offer Free Products
    Most politicians e’er similar to part T-shirts,Caps,Umbrella amid other. You tin practise that amongst grand ma who cannot usage the internet. But y’all demand the youths who volition convey to locomote at that spot later grand ma is gone. So hither is what y’all tin do. Put upwardly these products similar Jumia ,kaymu or askcamer Shop or whatever other i amongst a 100 pct discount or 99 pct discount. You tin nonetheless sell at a really inexpensive rate. 

 Not simply applied scientific discipline but digital applied scientific discipline Republic of Cameroon 2018 Elections: How Politicians tin Make usage of   the Internet in addition to  Digital products

People volition purchase in addition to exit their emails in addition to yell numbers. You volition locomote able to usage this to larn to them amongst your promotions whenever y’all desire fifty-fifty later 2018 if y’all dont succeed. 

iii. Coupon Codes:
You tin as locomote amongst e-commerce shops to generate leads past times offering coupon code. e.g 
‘’SAFE 300F SYC PART ‘’.
 This does non alone give y’all leads but as construct your portion holler known to those who are non aware of it. 

iv. Other ways
Life is virtually beingness smart. If y’all are into politics, y’all should locomote smart plenty because y’all volition locomote ruling people.

-You tin write post on facebook in addition to asking yell numbers. I convey generated thousands of yell numbers on  facebook using this strategy.

-Meeting grouping coordinators in addition to getting yell numbers amongst authorisation,

-Buying yell numbers if possible. 

Using social Media
  The social media has played an of import purpose when it comes reaching out to people. I convey seen the Cameroonian political leader Prince Ekosso of USDP srongly making usage of i of the options(Facebook groups) inwards reaching out people. In improver to Facebook groups politicians tin usage hashtags. e.g #votederrick2016 to laissez passer on out many audience. 

This tin locomote achieved if y’all laissez passer on out to virtually 1000 Influencers in addition to offering them roughly few bucks to commencement upwardly the campaign. This tin as locomote good on twitter in addition to Google plus.

 I volition suggest y’all to limit your campaigns on Facebook(You volition regard the same people on instagram then don’t edge virtually instagram),Google addition ( You volition regard the tech guys in addition to authors), in addition to twitter.   If y’all target this 3 social media, I believe strongly that  you volition laissez passer on keen minds who tin offering y’all their votes if y’all convince them well.
Sensitive questions are keen if y’all desire to increase interaction.  Interaction amongst your constituencies is really important. This is simply what a expert social influence means.

Use of Websites in addition to Apps

The meshing is virtually a websites. Most parties convey their headquarters/offices inwards diverse part in addition to divisions inwards Cameroon. But many had forgotten to create their digital caput quarter (internet location) which is a website. H5N1 website is where y’all followers volition locomote visiting to cheque your updates. it also demonstrate y’all are serious than using the costless pages provided past times Facebook in addition to others. It as helps people to detect y’all when they search for certainly keyword.  Getting a website present is very easy. With   $ 200 y’all tin larn a professional person website that tin construct y’all the president of the commonwealth of Cameroon. What virtually that? You tin usage your website or that of roughly other person. But having your ain website is really of import if y’all are serious with

You tin as usage apps to laissez passer on out to the population. The type of app y’all volition demand volition depend on your digital objectives. In my sentiment y’all tin usage it to locomote past times message, larn followers or construct your political party known.

Online ads
Google  ads are non alone mearnt for businesses. Politicians tin usage it  to laissez passer on out Cameroonians. You tin promote on other websites, on youtube videos past times using Google adword. This requires y’all to gear upwardly a expert budget. I recommend 1 i chiliad one thousand FCFA . It is a really expert way for a novel political party to create awareness.  This is really expert if y’all convey a website or if y’all convey written an article on a website. You tin as usage it to generate leads which y’all volition usage to construct y’all campaigns. We tin aid y’all create a killer politica landing page if y’all demand any. Google adword is i of the most pop ways to showcase a production or construct in addition to fifty-fifty construct sales . Using it during the 2018 elections tin locomote a keen mensuration to becoming the president of Cameroon.  You tin as purchase advertizing positions on blogs in addition to websites similar this i to larn roughly oculus balss on your party.

Writing content on blogs in addition to website 
Content marketers tin aid y’all construct a successful political career. All y’all convey to practise is to laissez passer on out to someone in addition to part what y’all convey for the people amongst them. They volition create upwardly one’s heed to offering y’all a costless or a paid option. Content is manful somebody monarch when it comes to websites. There are roughly websites similar Republic of Cameroon Online, Republic of Cameroon info, Baret Press, lccinfo ,ask Republic of Cameroon in addition to others y’all tin consult to
  Here are roughly topics y’all tin usage to gain popularity
”Is MR xxx agree for 2018 Republic of Cameroon presidential election?”
Please usage your ain holler in addition to non your rivals name.

” Mr xxx locomote project design for 2018 election”

 What About VOD amongst Mobile TV?

Ok cheque out this: 

Here nosotros locomote amongst the tips to larn your portion division of the digital globe in addition to the meshing of all things. Othe digital products like  videos,e-books,white papers in addition to e-news in addition to othe should non locomote neglected. We are available to assist y’all if y’all don’t know how to locomote virtually it.
Is your portion division of the android generation? If then how are y’all doing it?