Complete Tiny Dinosaur Skeleton Discovered In South Korea

An example of a microraptor, which the dinosaur fossil closely resembles.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 tiny dinosaur well-nigh the size of a solid truthful cat was late discovered inwards South Korea.

The dinosaur’s fossilized remains bridge well-nigh xi inches, but scientists told Korea JoongAng Daily that it was probable well-nigh xx inches long when it was alive.

“Based on the findings in addition to hence far, nosotros assume that the dinosaur is something approximately a microraptor or others inwards the raptor genera,” Lim Jong-deock, main curator of the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage, told the intelligence agency. “However, it’s uncertain at this phase precisely which type of dinosaur it was, in addition to at that topographic point is a peril that it is a novel type that hasn’t been reported to academia equally of yet.”

The tiny dino is a theropod, a identify unit of measurement of carnivorous dinosaurs that includes Tyrannosaurus rex. That way it had abrupt teeth in addition to claws–only a whole lot smaller. And if it is indeed a microraptor, it would likewise accept had 4 wings.

The dinosaur lived during the Cretaceous period, which ended some 66 1000000 years agone with the Cretaceous-Tertiary volume extinction event.

“The way this dinosaur has been fossilized is unique inwards that it was discovered with its vertebrae connected to its ribs,” the institute told the Korea Times.

The institute likewise said at that topographic point may last some other fossilized dinosaur inwards the stone side past times side to this one. Whatever the dinosaur turns out to be, it’s the laid out consummate dinosaur skeleton institute inwards South Korea, in addition to with the smallest dinosaur fossils e’er institute inwards the country.

“It is hard for a modest dinosaur to dice fossilized in addition to such fossils are really rare across the world,” an unnamed researcher from the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage told “We require to deport farther question into whether the fossil is related to the Minisauripus, whose footprints were discovered inwards the southern areas of Gyeongsangnam-do.”