DIY Cell Phone or Tablet Tripod Clamp

Check out this video to reckon an slow way to setup your jail cellular telephone weep upwardly on a tripod. I get got used my Samsung Milky Way Note for many YouTube video clips every bit good every bit virtually of our dwelling family movies. Modern smart phones tin accept surprisingly expert videos inwards hard disk drive inwards many cases rendering a divide camcorder unnecessary. The entirely work I get got run across is jail cellular telephone phones produce non get got a way to easily attach to a tripod in addition to this tin travel rattling useful.

I get got been wanting to brand something to instruct my weep upwardly setup alongside a tripod for quite some fourth dimension in addition to get got in conclusion gotten approximately to it this week. I get got a rattling squeamish Cannon DSLR photographic tv set camera but it is non actually designed every bit a video recorder, it is best at taking fantabulous nonetheless photos. The work alongside the DSLR is that it does non auto focus which agency I get got to ready it in addition to focus on a pocket-size expanse in addition to and hence brand sure enough to remain inside that expanse for the duration of the shot. In virtually cases this plant ok but I would similar to get got the mightiness to throw my weep upwardly up on the tripod in addition to role that for some shots. This would allow me to deed approximately to a greater extent than during a sure enough shot in addition to also allow me to role it every bit a backup if the battery dies or retention carte du jour is amount on the DSLR. I can’t say you lot how many times I get got been inwards the middle of a video in addition to had the battery travel or carte du jour create amount up.

The other number I run across is non having the mightiness to role a wireless mic alongside the DSLR. The model that I get got does non allow for the connectedness of an external mic of whatever kind, wireless or not. With my weep upwardly I am going to endeavor to experiment alongside using some Bluetooth mics in addition to headsets to reckon if the good character tin travel improved peculiarly on windy days. 

For the structure of the DIY Cell Phone Clamp I am merely using some 3/4″ plywood that I had lying approximately along alongside a babe gate bolt in addition to nut. I cutting the woods to size using a scroll saw in addition to drilled out the holes for the connecting bolts. I used a pocket-size handheld belt sander inwards a vice to sand all surfaces shine in addition to rounded off the corners. Once this was completed I assembled the components alongside woods gum in addition to super gum for the bolts in addition to fabric. The cloth pieces that I used were merely from an onetime blanket. These are merely to furnish a chip of extra protection when the woods clamps downwards on the phone’s edges. I blueprint the clamp to agree virtually whatever sized weep upwardly in addition to the clamp’s jaws volition allow for the weep upwardly to get got a thicker illustration every bit well.

So far the clamp organization has been working non bad in addition to I get got been able to produce a few clips using it. I volition travel trying the Bluetooth good shortly every bit good in addition to volition ship service an update when I get got some results alongside the character there.

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