DIY Food Storage Pantry – Save Time, Save Money, Buy Bulk together with Be Prepared

We are using simply about extra infinite nether the stairs to shop our mass nutrient together with pantry items. Since nosotros bring been growing to a greater extent than together with to a greater extent than of our ain nutrient nosotros needed a proficient identify to shop it all! The SSL Family Mom has too been cooking together with baking almost everything from scratch which agency that nosotros bring a lot to a greater extent than baking supplies on hand. This infinite volition give us a climate controlled surface area inwards our dwelling trouble solid using simply about extra infinite that was simply piled amongst junk. After a few trips to Goodwill the infinite was cleared out together with gear upward for simply about shelves.

This volition last the get-go inwards a serial of videos together with articles virtually how nosotros are storing nutrient hither inwards our suburban home. The get-go measuring I am tackling today is to larn the shelves lay inwards a lay out the infinite to grip the size items that nosotros volition most probable last storing. In the futurity I volition cash inwards one’s chips along to plow over this surface area together with enclose it amongst drywall, run electrical for lights together with outlets, pigment the shelves, seal the concrete floor, together with add together a modest dehumidifier to maintain the wet down.

The ideal atmospheric condition for dry out nutrient storage is a humidity flat below 15% together with temps from 40-70 degrees Fahrenheit (4-21c). The basement hither inwards Michigan is ever at virtually 65 degrees together with then nosotros are inwards proficient sort in that place but the humidity is much higher inwards the summertime. This volition last the biggest challenge together with that is why I desire to seal this surface area off from the residual of the basement together with role a dehumidifier to maintain the wet levels down. That volition come upward equally a afterward improver equally I said but for forthwith dorsum to getting these shelves setup!

I am using all 2X4 structure for the shelf framing for a duad of reasons. This is the cheapest together with most readily available type of lumber for us hither together with too because a 2X4 tin concord quite a flake of weight if installed correctly. I likely could bring used smaller lumber but inwards the halt these shelves volition last able to concord anything I tin imagine putting on them. The shelves themselves are made from inexpensive OSB (oriented Stranded Board) for similar reasons. It is inexpensive together with easily available hither together with volition serve equally a proficient solid shelf for many years. OSB does non produce good inwards high wet environments but since nosotros are going for climate command hither nosotros should last ok.

I am using a xvi inch deep shelf which volition concord virtually iv quart size bricklayer jars equally good equally most of the other items that nosotros volition last storing here. The bottom shelf is the tallest to concord emergency storage buckets (either 5 or half dozen gallon). The adjacent shelf tin concord whatsoever large size canning jars for juices or pickles. The adjacent 2 shelves are sized for quart size jars together with the overstep for smaller jam jars together with canned goods. With this pattern I should last able to stand upward for 30-60 days worth of nutrient for our identify unit of measurement of five.

Tools used inwards the structure of the shelves
Chalk delineate –
Speed Square –
Craftsman Jigsaw –
H5N1 ameliorate hammer!! –
Porter Cable Nailer –
All of these together with to a greater extent than items used past times the SSL Family are available inwards the