From SSL Mom – How to Crochet Step 5: Double Crochet Stitch, How to Add a New Yarn Col…

This video from volition learn you lot how to crochet using the double crochet stitch.  It volition equally good learn you lot how to brand a tri-colored infinity scarf using the double crochet stitch.  The infinity scarf is super slowly as well as a swell gift to brand for your friends as well as family.  You volition equally good learn how to weave inward as well as add together novel colors to your crochet project. 

Please permit me know if you lot convey whatever questions almost the steps I used past times leaving me a comment below.  I’d survive happy to assistance you!

Thank you lot for watching!

Lisa 🙂

Here are closed to infinity scarves I’ve made inward the past.  You tin purpose whatever combination of colors you’d like.  You tin equally good brand the scarf shorter as well as to a greater extent than narrow for small-scale children.  Please comment if you’d similar to know the exact cite of the color I used.