Geologists Discover Origin of Earth’s Mysterious Black Diamonds

If indeed “a diamond is forever,” the nearly primitive origins of Earth’s so-called dark diamonds were inward deep, universal time, geologists convey discovered. Black diamonds came from none other than interstellar space. 

The magazine Astrophysical Journal Letters, scientists Jozsef Garai in addition to Stephen Haggerty of Florida International University, along amongst Case Western Reserve University researchers Sandeep Rekhi in addition to Mark Chance, claim an extraterrestrial source for the unique dark diamonds, too called carbonado diamonds.

Infrared synchrotron radiations at Brookhaven National Laboratory was used to abide by the diamonds’ source.

“Trace elements critical to an ‘ET’ source are nitrogen in addition to hydrogen,” said Haggerty. The presence of hydrogen inward the carbonado diamonds indicates an source inward a hydrogen-rich interstellar space, he in addition to colleagues believe.

The term carbonado was coined yesteryear the Portuguese inward Brazil inward the mid-18th century; it’s derived from its visual similarity to porous charcoal. Black diamonds are flora alone inward Brazil in addition to the Central African Republic.

“Conventional diamonds are mined from explosive volcanic rocks [kimberlites] that carry them from depths inward excess of 100 kilometers to the Earth’s surface inward a really curt amount of time,” said Sonia Esperanca, computer program manager inward the National Science Foundation’s Division of world Sciences, which funded the research. “This procedure preserves the unique crystal construction that makes diamonds the hardest natural cloth known.”

From Commonwealth of Australia to Siberia, from mainland People’s Republic of China to India, the geological settings of conventional diamonds are virtually identical, said Haggerty. None of them are compatible amongst the formation of dark diamonds.

Approximately 600 tons of conventional diamonds convey been mined, traded, polished in addition to adorned since 1900. “But non a unmarried black/carbonado diamond has been discovered inward the world’s mining fields,” Haggerty said.

The novel information back upwardly before question yesteryear Haggerty showing that carbonado diamonds formed inward stellar supernovae explosions. Black diamonds were in i lawsuit the size of asteroids, a kilometer or to a greater extent than inward diameter when they starting fourth dimension landed on Earth.

The inward a higher house storey is based on materials provided yesteryear National Science Foundation.
The Largest dark diamond e’er found.