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Twins Dipper as well as Mabel Pines are sent to pass the summertime alongside their great-uncle, Grunkle Stan, inwards the mysterious town of Gravity Falls, Ore. Grunkle Stan has the kids aid him run The Mystery Shack, the tourist trap that he owns. The twins examine to suit to the weird surround exactly feel at that topographic point is something foreign near Gravity Falls as well as start out to unlock its secrets.

Gravity Falls Season 01 Episodes

Episode 01 – “Tourist Trapped”
Two fraternal twins, Dipper as well as Mabel Pines, larn inwards at the remote town of Gravity Falls to pass their summertime suspension alongside their non bad uncle Stan, exactly a mysterious magazine hidden inwards the wood flora past times Dipper reveals the town’s foreign as well as uncanny secrets to the duo, as well as Dipper tries to relieve Mabel from her foreign novel fellow who appears to hold out a zombie, exactly is truly something much stranger.

Episode 03 – “Headhunters”
Mabel sculpts a life-sized wax sculpture of Stan to add together to his collection of wax museum figures, exactly when the wax figure’s caput goes missing, the twins are on the case.

Episode 04 – “The Hand That Rocks the Mabel”
Dipper as well as Mabel encounter an intriguing novel neighbor: a psychotic nestling fraud named Li’l Gideon.

Episode 05 – “The Inconveniencing”
Dipper attempts to woo Wendy past times lying near his age. Hanging out alongside Wendy as well as her friends, the kids halt upwards inwards an old, abandoned store that is seemingly haunted.

Episode 06 – “Dipper vs. Manliness”
When Dipper wants to drib dead to a greater extent than “manly”, he wanders into the wood on an epic bespeak as well as meets a foreign species that instruct him the ways of their masculinity.

Episode 07 – “Double Dipper”
Stan throws a political party at the Mystery Shack; piece Dipper produces clones of himself to aid him print Wendy as well as Mabel faces off against her novel contender Pacifica Northwest inwards a karaoke battle.

Episode 08 – “Irrational Treasure”
On the annual Pioneer Day at Gravity Falls, the kids discover that the town’s founder was a fraud as well as a hoax, then they gear upwards out to expose the truth.

Episode 09 – “The Time Traveler’s Pig”
Dipper’s want comes truthful when he steals a Time Traveler’s fourth dimension auto to undo a fault as well as win Wendy over, piece Mabel accompanies him to drib dead on on winning her pig, Waddles, until when Dipper in conclusion undoes his mistake, Mabel loses her grunter to her nemesis, Pacifica Northwest.

Episode 10 – “Fight Fighters”
Dipper brings a video game character, Rumble McSkirmish, to life then he tin sack larn by Robbie, exactly when things drib dead also far Dipper realises he needs to relieve Robbie.

Episode eleven – “Little Dipper”
Feeling insecure that Mabel is becoming the alpha twin, Dipper seeks a magical crystal to grow taller.

Episode 12 – “Summerween”
The people of Gravity Falls honey Halloween then much that they also celebrate it inwards Summer, alongside jack-o’-melons as well as lots of trick-or-treating.

Episode thirteen – “Boss Mabel”
Mabel bets Grunkle Stan that she volition brand to a greater extent than coin at the Mystery Shack past times treating people nicely than he does past times beingness rude as well as cranky.

Episode fourteen – “Bottomless Pit!”
As the kids, Stan as well as Soos autumn into a seemingly bottomless pit, they country each other stories to function past times time.