Hotspots the Hottest places on Earth

The places known equally hotspots or hot spots inwards geology are volcanic regions idea to hold upwardly fed yesteryear underlying drapery that is anomalously hot compared amongst the drapery elsewhere. They may hold upwardly unanimously hot, together with render a bang-up bargain of molten magma. They may hold upwardly on, most to, or far from tectonic plate boundaries. There are ii hypotheses to explicate them. One suggests that they are due to hot drapery plumes that ascension equally thermal diapirs from the core-mantle boundary. The other hypothesis postulates that it is non heat that causes the volcanism, simply lithospheric extension that permits the passive rising of melt from shallow depths.
An event of drapery feather locations suggested yesteryear 1 recent group.
Hotspot volcanoes are considered to convey a fundamentally dissimilar root from isle arc volcanoes. The latter shape over subduction zones, at converging plate boundaries. When 1 oceanic plate meets another, the denser plate is forced downward into a deep body of body of water trench. This plate, equally it is subducted, releases H2O into the base of operations of the over-riding plate, together with this H2O mixes amongst the rock, thence changing its composition causing to a greater extent than or less stone to melt together with rise. It is this that fuels a chain of volcanoes, such equally the Aleutian Islands, most Alaska.