How to Expand Your Wireless Range Using an Old Router

Check out this tutorial to larn how to configure an quondam router to expand the wireless inwards your home, garage, pole barn, or greenhouse. I cause got used this procedure for many years both professionally together with inwards my ain home. This is a peachy role for that older router that yous may cause got replaced amongst a novel 1 or picked upward from a garage sale or resale shop. Routers cause got decease nearly disposable afterward a few years together with hence they come upward cheap. The newer routers volition offering a improve wireless extension together with every bit good improve safety together with hence if yous tin discovery 1 that is at to the lowest degree 2007 or newer that is preferred.

Using an quondam router to expand your network is a inexpensive together with piece of cake way to at to the lowest degree double the wireless make inwards your home. It is every bit good a peachy way to acquire wireless to outbuildings or other areas that are exterior of your home’s wireless signal. This method does involve that yous cause got an Ethernet cable run from your primary wireless router inwards your dwelling family to the location where yous would similar to setup the minute router (access point). In our dwelling family I cause got 1 wireless access signal configured on each flooring together with staggered from 1 destination of the dwelling family to the other. This way that no affair where I ma inwards the family I tin e’er connect to a nearby access signal together with cause got amount signal strength. No buffering, no lag, together with inwards most cases speeds every bit fast every bit a wired Ethernet connection.

Here are the basic steps to follow but I would recommend watching the accompanying video to fully sympathize the process.

1. Reset router to manufactory default settings
2. Take banknote of your electrical flow network configuration (192.168.1.X
3. Create a novel ip address for the access signal (example)
4. plug a reckoner into the newly reset router
5. log into the router using the default ip – unremarkably
6. Configure the wireless network advert together with security
7. Turn off DHCP (take away the router’s might to assign ip addresses)
8. Configure the router to the previously picked ip address – (example)
9. Connect the router to an Ethernet cable coming from your primary router.

Tip – Do non role the “WAN” port at all on this novel access point.

Now I know that somebody is going to tell it together with hence I volition answer this inquiry upward front. Yes, yous tin simply plug the router into your existing setup using the WAN port on the minute router without changing whatever settings on the router. This volition run inwards most cases yet yous are setting yourself upward for problems downwardly the route every bit this is non the right way to configure a minute wireless router on an existing network. This is what is called double NAT or network address translation together with is similar having a double firewall. This volition non permit whatever computers connected to the secondary router to communicate amongst wireless printers, other computers, volition block many gaming sites, vpn’s together with other connections. Although it is easier together with may run for basic cyberspace browsing it volition locomote slower together with volition displace other issues downwardly the road.