How to Replace a Damaged Power Cord – Circular Saw, Drill, Router, Hand …

Check out this video to encounter how to construct a quick replacement of simply virtually whatever ability cord. In this instance I am replacing the ability cord on a Black together with Decker circular saw but the procedure should last real like for simply virtually whatever construct together with also other ability tools.

STOP! If yous are hither on this page or virtually to sentinel this video yous stimulate got no incertitude already considered simply wrapping some electrical record simply about that cord that yous cut. Am I right? How many of your tools already stimulate got record on the cords? Come on, last honest, nosotros stimulate got all done it. But earlier yous suspension out that giant curl of dark record together with kickoff binding things together yous may desire to reckon getting the undertaking done the right way. Tape doesn’t just construct for the safest electrical connections together with no ane wants to encounter person become hurt.

So at ane time that nosotros stimulate got that covered lets movement on to a real fast together with slowly repair for that damaged ability cable. You tin pickup a novel cable at whatever domicile center, hardware store, or via amazon alongside the links below. There are solely 2 things to reckon when getting a replacement. Does your tool stimulate got a 2-prong or 3-prong plug together with what amperage does the tool draw. For most tools the amp rating is written on a label somewhere alongside the model number. It powerfulness fifty-fifty last on the cable itself. In my instance I stimulate got a 10 amp tool. That simply agency that the cord I purchase to supervene upon the ane I cutting needs to last at to the lowest degree 10 amp or higher. In this instance I purchased a thirteen amp cord which volition last simply fine for this application.

Normally alongside whatever ability tool the casing comes apart together with splits inward one-half exposing the trigger switch together with the ability cord inlet. Check out the video for an example. Once yous stimulate got out those screws simply unscrew the wire leads connecting to the switch (pay attending to white together with dark together with their respective terminals) together with withdraw the cord protector from the onetime cord. This is that difficult safe slice that is at the most flexed move of the  cord, where it enters the tool.  In my instance removing the cord protector was the hardest part.

Once yous stimulate got the onetime cord removed simply slide the cord protector on to the novel ability cord together with thence stand upward for it snugly dorsum into the tool handle. Reconnect the wires to the right terminals (Hot (black), neutral (white), together with ground(green)).

Once things stimulate got been reconnected construct certain the wires stand upward for nicely dorsum into the grip cavity together with thence supervene upon the encompass or side of the tool. Done!

This is a real unproblematic together with inexpensive (less than $6) repair that when done properly tin add together years of life to your tool. Don’t risk electrocution or person inward your identify unit of measurement getting wound past times putting a ring help on your tools alongside tape!

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thirteen Amp three prong replacement cord –

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