How to report together with pose the Minerals samples?

      In uncomplicated terms, our planet is simply a large ball of real hot materials which, at the surface where it is exposed to space, has cooled to shape crystalline solids (igneous rocks) composed of minerals. Minerals inwards plow are combinations of elements, which are made of smaller particles, which are made of smaller particles, which are made of….. who knows what.
To move classified equally a mineral, a core must move an inorganic, naturally formed solid, amongst a specific chemic formula together with a fixed internal structure. For example, coal is non a mineral (it’s organic), but snowfall meets all 5 (5) requirements together with thence is a mineral.

Study the Physical properties of it:

Luster: The quantity together with character of lite reflected from the surface. Most identification schemes get down amongst a uncomplicated classification based on luster. Because of this, luster is the commencement cardinal examine to move made when identifying whatsoever mineral. 
 Metallic: looks similar a metal. Metallic minerals are commonly shiny together with opaque
Non-metallic: doesn’t await similar a metal.

Color: Obvious, but non ever definitive. Sulfur is (almost) ever yellow, together with at that spot are a few others, but non many minerals bring a fixed color. Small amounts of impurities tin hand the sack drastically modify a mineral’s color.

Streak: The color of the powdered mineral. The examine is unremarkably performed past times scraping the mineral across a slice of unglazed porcelain. Streak tin hand the sack move definitive. Good examples include hematite (always red-brown no affair what shape it’s in) together with chromite (distinguished from the hundreds of other dark minerals past times its chocolate-brown streak).

Hardness: Hardness is the resistance of a mineral to scratching. It does NOT call to how easily the mineral is broken. Hardness is a stair out of the bonding pull betwixt atoms. If these bonds are strong, the mineral is non easily scratched. Minerals amongst weaker bonds are to a greater extent than easily scratched. 

Fracture: The mineral simply breaks, leaving an uneven surface. Most are irregular but at that spot are around exceptional cases (ex: the conchoidal fractures mutual to quartz together with glass)

Cleavage: The mineral splits along closely spaces parallel planes, leaving a mirror surface which volition flash at you lot if rotated inwards the light.Controlled past times crystalline construction together with chemic bonding. 
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, together with vi cleavage planes tin hand the sack exist. Most hard physical belongings for students to empathize together with identify.

Specific Gravity: Defined equally “the weight of a specific book of a mineral divided past times the weight of an equal book of H2O (at 4°C.)” Since H2O is ever 1.0, it’s the same seat out equally density without whatsoever units (they cancel). This is virtually impossible to stair out inwards the field, but a stone oil approximation together with move determined.

Magnetism: Magnetite is naturally magnetic. 

Taste: Some minerals bring a distinctive taste. Notable examples include Halite (rock salt), together with Chalcanthite (a copper sulfate – move careful amongst this one!!). I don’t by together with large recommend the gustatory modality test.

Smell: Some minerals bring a distinctive odor. Sulfur is a practiced example.