is it truthful that google addition is closing down? -Who wants to kill Google plus

I convey been receiving emails from fans quest if Google summation is closing down. The answer is No.
I Have read through headlines such equally Google+ Is Walking Dead ,   Is Google Plus about other failed endeavor at social networking , Has Google summation failed? in addition to more.
I institute that none of the writers gave  clear reason  for why they intend Google summation is closing downward or why it is  a failed  social network. The alone affair I could honor out inward relation to closing  was the closing of the game selection on Google plus(June 2013) since Google play offering that selection too.

I don’t run into whatsoever argue why Google summation should closed down. Google summation is third  social media inward the footing with 150million monthly visitors. It has options such as    Google+ which is used for sharing data with a unmarried click,  Hangouts occupation for chat,  and Photos, Posting, video sharing . reviews alongside others .

Every successful affair inward life is ever faced past times such  challenges. If y’all empathize how Google summation functions, y’all volition never similar to immature adult woman it out. It appear really unclear why many enjoin negative things virtually this fast growing social media. Being the best does non hateful beingness the first. To me, it is the most informative social media inward the footing which I  volition similar everyone to join.