Lake Natron . Tanzania

Lake Natron is a tabular array salt lake located inwards northern Tanzania, around the Kenyan border, in addition to but due north E of the Ngorongoro Crater, inwards the eastern branch of Africa’s immense Great Rift Valley. Nestled betwixt rolling volcanic hills in addition to deep craters, Lake Natron sits at the lowest betoken of the rift valley – 600m inwards a higher house bounding main degree – in addition to is in all likelihood the world’s nearly caustic trunk of water.
The lake is fed yesteryear the Southern Ewaso Ng’iro River in addition to besides yesteryear mineral-rich hot springs. It is quite shallow, less than 3 meters (10 feet) deep, in addition to varies inwards width depending on its H2O level, which changes due to high levels of evaporation, leaving concentrations of tabular array salt in addition to other minerals, notably sodium carbonate (natron). The surrounding province is hot in addition to oft rattling dry out in addition to dusty – non rattling conducive to travel. But for those who attain pick out to see Natron, they are rewarded amongst some of the nearly dramatic scenery they accept always run across inwards Tanzania. It is said, that the journeying solitary is worth it for the views.

The lake has a deep blood-red color feature of those where rattling high evaporation rates occur. As H2O evaporates during the dry out season, salinity levels growth to the betoken that salt-loving microorganisms start to thrive. Such halophile organisms include some blue-green alga that brand their ain nutrient amongst photosynthesis equally plants do. The blood-red accessory photosynthesizing paint inwards the blue-green alga produces the deep reds of the opened upwards H2O of the lake, in addition to orangish colors of the shallow parts of the lake. The alkali tabular array salt crust on the surface of the lake is besides oft colored blood-red or pinkish yesteryear the salt-loving microorganisms that alive there.
The heat (up to 41°C) in addition to the high in addition to rattling variable tabular array salt content of the lake does non back upwards wildlife. However it is an of import habitat for flamingos in addition to is domicile to endemic algae, invertebrates in addition to circular the margins fifty-fifty fish that tin hand the sack go inwards the slightly less salty water.