Nana Mizuki Announces Newest Album

Today Nana’s official website updated amongst an annunciation on the unloosen of her newest album. It volition characteristic a pose out of Symphogear songs including 1 that has nonetheless to locomote released!

Nana Mizuki’s Best Of Album: “THE MUSEUM III” volition locomote released on Jan 10th, 2018. It volition characteristic a full of sixteen tracks as well as locomote released inwards two versions: 1 amongst a blu-ray as well as 1 amongst a DVD. Both versions volition retail for 3,500 yen (about $32). All of the Symphogear openings volition locomote included: Synchrogazer, Vitalization, Exterminate as well as Testament! However, the version of Testament featured is the exceptional extended “-Aufwachen Form-“ that was played inwards the concluding episode of AXZ as well as has never been released before. The other tracks on the album include her hits from other anime such equally Blood-C, Nanoha, Cross Ange as well as Valvrave.