New GX designs revealed as well as more

The June issues of Newtype, Animedia in addition to other magazines were merely released inwards Nippon today. Inside were some novel looks at the designs inwards Symphogear GX. You tin hand the axe encounter comparisons of the novel gear designs afterwards the jump. Additionally, Nana Mizuki posted on her spider web log describing some of her sense recording Tsubasa’s songs for GX.

New gear blueprint comparing images:



Nana Mizuki’s blog post:
The Summer of Superb Songs is coming!

Finally, the 24-hour interval has come upwardly for me to pace inwards the shoes of a sentry for a 3rd time! (lol)
Today I had a graphic symbol vocal recording session for the anime “Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX,” which begins airing this July. o(^_^)o This fourth dimension roughly the already intense storey volition become fifty-fifty to a greater extent than heated, in addition to all the girls volition convey a multifariousness of songs! The origin vocal nosotros recorded at today’s session seat me through the wringer correct away! (lol) However, equally I stood at that topographic point getting all covered inwards elbow grease I felt empowered! I thought,“This is Symphogear!!” In the terminate my torso in addition to pharynx were sore in addition to I was at my limit. (lol) We volition start the afterwards recording sessions soon. ☆ Myself in addition to everyone at Team Symphogear volition pour our hearts in addition to souls into making this the nearly hot-blooded series!!

The magazines also revealed, to no one’s surprise, that episode 1 of GX volition characteristic the Maria/Tsubasa concert scene consummate amongst their novel outfits in addition to novel song.