Paleocurrent Analysis

Cross bedding, Arizona

A palaeocurrent indicator is evidence for the management of menstruation at the fourth dimension the sediment was deposited, together with may also last referred to equally the palaeoflow. Palaeoflow information are used inwards conjunction amongst facies analysis  and provenance studies  to brand palaeogeographic reconstructions. The information are routinely collected when making a sedimentary log, but additional palaeocurrent information may also last collected from localities that convey non been logged inwards social club to increase the size of the information set.

The preceding analysis of sedimentary structures shows that they tin last used to decide depositional processes. Because depositional processes occur inwards several environments, few structures are straight off diagnostic of a specific environment; assemblages of structures are most useful, equally for representative inwards a tempestite, a turbidite, or a dot bar.
There is, however, 1 farther exercise for sedimentary structures. They tin dot the management of paleocurrent flow, paleoslope, paleogeography, together with sand-body trend. Paleocurrent analysis, equally this dependent area is called, forms an integral purpose of facies analysis both at outcrop and, using the dipmeter, inwards subsurface studies. There is an extensive literature on this topic. Potter together with Pettijohn (1977) is the definitive text. The methodology, interpretation, together with applications of paleocurrent analysis are at nowadays described inwards turn.
Collection of Paleocurrent Data
A broad make of sedimentary structures tin last used inwards paleocurrent analysis. Some structures yield exclusively the feel of electrical flow flow, others yield both feel together with direction. Examples of the starting fourth dimension grouping include groove marks, channels, washouts together with parting lineation. Examples of the 2nd grouping include pebble imbrication
cross-lamination, cross-bedding, slump folds, flute marks, together with the asymmetric profiles of  ripples. The measuring of the orientation of sedimentary structures must last done amongst care. Ideally roughly sort of areal sampling grid should last used for regional paleocurrent mapping. In practice, this ideal approach is commonly restricted past times limitations of access, exposure together with time.
indicator is evidence for the management of menstruation at the fourth dimension the sediment was deposited Paleocurrent Analysis
Various feature azimuthal patterns of paleocurrent data.

Each sample station volition to a greater extent than frequently than non consist of a cliff, quarry, flow section, route cut, etc. If it is to last worth anything, paleocurrent analysis must last integrated amongst a total sedimentological study. Thus each sample station volition also last the place of a measured section, or at to the lowest degree roughly detailed notes on stratigraphy, lithology, facies, together with fauna. At each station it is necessary to tape structural dip together with strike. If it is excessive (greater than close 10 each measuring must last corrected on a stereographic net. The orientation of the structures volition last recorded, including both the azimuth together with dip of planar structures that necessitate correction. For linear structures together with for planar structures inwards outcrops of  depression tectonic dip exclusively the azimuth necessitate last recorded. At the same time, it is necessary to regime notation the type together with scale of the construction together with the lithology inwards which it occurs. Foreset dip directions from cross-bedding should e’er last measured inwards invention view. Dip directions seen inwards vertical sections should exclusively last recorded equally a terminal resort. There are 2 reasons for this. First, equally pointed out before inwards this chapter, cross-beds produce non e’er dip straight downcurrent. In troughs together with laterally infilled channels, foresets are deposited obliquely or perpendicular to electrical flow flow. Examination of cross-bedding inwards invention persuasion gives a clue to the structural organisation of the foresets. If cross-bedding is measured from vertical facies to a greater extent than frequently than non exclusively an apparent dip tin last recorded. This may diverge considerably from the truthful dip direction, particularly if in that place is well-developed jointing. The discrepancy volition non last equally good erroneous, however, equally foresets seem horizontal
when viewed normal to their dip management (Fig).
Presentation of Paleocurrent Data

indicator is evidence for the management of menstruation at the fourth dimension the sediment was deposited Paleocurrent Analysis
A rose diagram is used to graphically summarise  directional information such equally palaeocurrent information: the representative on the right shows information indicating a menstruation to the S west.

Paleocurrent information may last entered inwards a field notebook together with later published inwards tabular form. The azimuths are, however, to a greater extent than frequently than non manipulated inwards roughly means to brand their interpretation easier. The starting fourth dimension stride involves the removal of tectonic dip on a stereographic internet where applicable. Then the azimuths are divided into shape intervals from 0 to 360 Class intervals of betwixt xxx together with 45 are close typical. The data may together with then last presented on a histogram. More usually, however, a range rose is used.
This is a histogram converted to a round off distribution. It is conventional to dot the management of dip of foresets. This is reverse to the convention for air current roses, which dot the management from which the air current blew. The dominant dip directions, termed modes, are at 1 time apparent from a range rose. Several types of azimuthal blueprint are recognizable inwards paleocurrent data.  Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 vector hateful may together with then last statistically determined for unimodal data. This may last done mathematically or graphically.
indicator is evidence for the management of menstruation at the fourth dimension the sediment was deposited Paleocurrent Analysis
Each major depositional environs is characterized past times a particular paleocurrent model