Scientists explore world’s largest undersea canyon

Dr Russell Wynn of the National Oceanography Centre led the British contribution to the expedition, which was inwards partnership alongside Professor Sebastian Krastel at University of Kiel. He said, “Agadir Canyon is remarkably like inwards size to the Grand Canyon inwards Arizona, together with silent until immediately it has barely been explored. We discovered that this huge valley is the source for the world’s largest submarine sediment time period 60,000 years ago. Up to 160 cubic kilometres of sediment was transported to the deep sea inwards a unmarried catastrophic event.”
Agadir Canyon is over 1,000 metres deep together with 450 kilometres long, together with is potentially the world’s largest undersea canyon. The researchers collected seafloor images together with sediment cores that render prove for powerful sediment flows originating from the canyon head, transporting gravel together with sand derived from the onshore Atlas Mountains to deep offshore basins over 3 miles below the sea surface. These flows deposited sediment over an expanse of deep seafloor exceeding 350,000 foursquare kilometres, roughly the size of Germany. This is the starting fourth dimension time private sediment flows of this scale accept been tracked along their entire time period pathway.
The survey squad too discovered a novel giant landslide due south of Agadir Canyon that covers an expanse of seafloor inwards excess of 5,000 foursquare kilometres, larger than the county of Hampshire. However, initial information advise it is a relatively ancient feature, at to the lowest degree 130,000 years old. Significant biological discoveries were too made inside together with roughly the canyon, including samples of the starting fourth dimension living deep-water corals to last recovered from the Atlantic Moroccan margin, together with an amazing aggregation of hundreds of Loggerhead Turtles basking at the surface.
Dr Wynn added, “To last the starting fourth dimension people to explore together with map this extensive together with spectacular expanse of seafloor is a rare privilege, particularly on the doorstep of Europe. It is hoped that our findings volition inform farther operate on geological hazards together with marine conservation inwards this region.”

The higher upward story is based on materials provided by National Oceanography Centre.Note: Materials may last edited for content together with length.