Scientists utilise satellite tags to solve whale-sized mystery

A WCS-led squad fellow member merely afterwards tagging a immature southern correct whale nick-named “Papillon.” The white markings are called callosities – large patches of raised tissue. Each whale’s callosities are unique in addition to tin strength out last used to pose private whales.
The international attempt for answers includes members from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the Aqualie Institute of Brazil, the National Oceanic in addition to Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in addition to Cascadia Research Collective, working inwards cooperation amongst Fundación Patagonia Natural, Instituto de Conservación de Ballenas, the University of California, Davis, the Dirección de Flora y Fauna (Wildlife Service), la Secretaría de Turismo, el Ministerio de Ambiente (Ministry of the Environment) of Argentina’s Chubut Province.
The annunciation was made every bit conservationists are belongings the 2014 IUCN World Parks Congress inwards Sydney, Commonwealth of Australia — a once-in-a-decade global forum on protected areas.
Said physician Graham Harris, Director of WCS’s Argentine Republic Program: “A provincial protected expanse in addition to a telephone substitution expanse amongst a long history of move past times WCS, Peninsula Valdés was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve inwards June of 2014 due to its importance to protect both terrestrial wild animals in addition to marine species along its waters. As the World Parks Congress inwards Sydney is underway, it is imperative to highlight the importance of protected areas similar Peninsula Valdes to safeguard unique wild animals in addition to habitats.”
Over the past times month, the squad succeeded inwards affixing satellite transmitters to v southern correct whales, a hard chore conducted during varying atmospheric condition conditions inwards Golfo Nuevo, 1 of the 2 protected gulfs of Península Valdés in addition to an of import breeding dry soil for the southern correct whale.
Over the past times decade, southern correct whale calves accept died inwards unprecedented numbers (more than 400 betwixt 2003-2011) for reasons all the same unclear to scientists. Different hypotheses for this mortality accept been considered, including disease, sure enough types of contaminant, in addition to harassment in addition to wounding past times kelp gulls, a frequent occurrence inwards Península Valdés.
This novel inquiry volition aid assess where the whales are feeding, namely if at that topographic point could last whatsoever threats to the whales along their migration road or on their feeding grounds in addition to if the inquiry squad tin strength out acquit additional tagging in addition to studies to hit upward one’s heed whatsoever issues associated amongst nutrient or nutritional stress causing calf loss past times some mothers.
Dr. Martín Mendez, Assistant Director of WCS’s Latin America in addition to the Caribbean Area Program, said: Over the concluding several centuries, in addition to every bit recent every bit the 1960s, southern correct whales were hunted, at times unopen to the verge of extinction. But they accept forthwith managed to rebound inwards numbers thank you lot to protected refuges such every bit Península Valdés. The recent increase inwards mortality is beingness caused past times something that remains unsolved. Determining where the whales larn to feed may offering clues to solving this complex question.”
The deployed tags volition transmit the geographical pose in addition to behavioral data of the animals upward to Earth-orbiting satellites multiple times a day, allowing researchers to follow whales remotely. The researchers selected calving females in addition to only juveniles for satellite tagging inwards club to glean insights into habitat purpose in addition to migratory movements for unlike sexual practice in addition to historic current groups.
Sais Alex Zerbini, a whale telemetry skillful from NOAA, Cascadia Research, in addition to Aqualie Institute: “Satellite telemetry is the best method to empathise the long-term movements in addition to lead of whales. Tagging individuals of unlike sexual practice in addition to historic current classes volition permit us explore potential differences inwards how they migrate in addition to purpose their habitats.”
Data accumulated thence far disclose unprecedented data for southern correct whales: real-time data on long-range movements across marine regions. Two of the v whales accept remained inwards the waters of Golfo Nuevo, spell the other 3 accept already left the bay. One of the animals is currently inwards deep waters of the South Atlantic, 1 has been spending its fourth dimension over the continental shelf, in addition to some other has moved into deep offshore waters, but has returned to the continental shelf break. Movements from all whales accept Pb researchers to some areas where the tagged animals are probable feeding, in addition to farther discoveries of feeding grounds for this population may last revealed every bit the squad tracks the movements of tagged animals.
Said physician Howard Rosenbaum of WCS’s Ocean Giants Program: “The whales are currently inwards an expanse where sometime Soviet whaling expeditions killed to a greater extent than than 1,000 animals inwards the 1960s. Beyond these whaling records in addition to other occasional sightings, the tagged animals inwards conjunction amongst whaling records volition supply the best moving painting of the migration in addition to feeding destinations for this population. As the tags proceed to transmit, nosotros promise our whales Pb us to novel insights most their lives inwards the vastness of the South Atlantic in addition to supply possible clues related to the die-off.”
Growing upward to 55 feet inwards length in addition to weighing upward to sixty tons, the southern correct whale is the most abundant species of the world’s 3 species of correct whale. Unlike the North Atlantic in addition to North Pacific correct whales (both Endangered), southern rights accept managed to rebound from centuries of commercial whaling, amongst populations that accept grown past times every bit much every bit merely about 7 per centum annually since 1970. Of the estimated full population of southern correct whales industrial plant life throughout the entire Southern Hemisphere, about 1 3rd purpose the protected bays of Península Valdés every bit a breeding in addition to calving habitat betwixt the months of June in addition to December.

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