Some slow as well as useful tricks to fool your friends on Facebook

Note: I wrote this ship service a long fourth dimension ago, five years agone to hold out precise.

Facebook is used yesteryear a lot of people, a lot, too when you lot are looking for to a greater extent than or less fun ways to fool your contacts on Facebook you lot desire to know most to a greater extent than or less tricks, well, nosotros got you lot covered.

We receive got collected a few tricks that industrial plant on Facebook pretty good to fool your friends, to a greater extent than or less are based on technical tricks, spell to a greater extent than or less are pure “I fooled you!” stuff.

The listing of tricks inwards this ship service are every bit follows:

  1. Make others similar your condition (for Desktops)
  2. Fake profile link
  3. Blank Status

1. Get Likes on your Status (for Desktops)

Aren’t you lot lamentable amongst the publish of likes you lot larn fifty-fifty though you lot receive got a proficient publish of friends? It seems that you lot need to attract people who come upwards over your posts too trace a fast 1 on them into liking your status.

The trace a fast 1 on is simple, inquire the soul to fit downwards CTRL/CMD too press the similar button. We volition receive got to practise a lot of lines inwards the ship service to generate a “See more” link when the ship service appears on Facebook.

2. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 link to your friend’s ain profile ( Fake profile link).

This is my personal favorite, all you lot practise is practise a post, too glue the next URL at the terminate of it:

No affair who clicks the link, the link e’er takes the clicker to his ain profile page, thus this URL tin hold out used inwards to a greater extent than or less genuinely creative too destructive ways! 
Either to brand your friends happy (each of them!):

I receive got many friends inwards Facebook , but this is my best friend..

Or surprise them!

This soul is the worst soul I receive got ever met. Please don’t trust them –

When you lot ship service the link practise retrieve to take away the thumbnail that appears thus that people couldn’t genuinely run into that it links to their ain profile too keeps the curiosity.

3. Blank Status ?

This is 1 of the amazing trace a fast 1 on , this trace a fast 1 on is to ship service a condition where there’s naught ! non fifty-fifty a unmarried letter.
This industrial plant , because of the Facebook’s condition tag applied scientific discipline , inwards slow words it’s similar nosotros are tagging someone inwards our condition similar @deepak @jessie or whatever, you lot perchance familiar amongst this arrangement but the applied scientific discipline behind this is similar this , when you lot tag someone it’s await similar this, ex my ain advert : @deepak kamat but inwards Facebook linguistic communication it volition hold out similar this @[159240100811761:0:] , only seek to ship service this inwards whatever comment. Here inwards this code @[159240100811761:0:] the publish is my FB ID , but if nosotros desire to larn inwards blank nosotros tin plow it into @[0:0:] when in that place is no ID too then in that place volition hold out no words or letters associated amongst it. So seek this, ship service this inwards your status

@[0:0: ]