Status Report on Bárðarbunga: Continued Seismicity

There convey been insubstantial changes to the volcanic eruption inwards Holuhraun over the terminal 2 weeks. Seismic activeness inwards Bárðarbunga volcano nether Vatnajökull glacier continues to hold upward strong. The biggest earthquake since noon on Fri was of magnitude 4.5.
Twelve earthquakes larger thence magnitude 4.0 were detected inwards Bárðarbunga over the weekend in addition to most 200 earthquakes inwards total, equally revealed inwards the latest condition study from the Scientific Advisory Board of the Department of Civil Protection issued this morning.
About 10 earthquakes were detected inwards the intrusive dike, connecting Bárðarbunga alongside Holuhraun, in addition to around the eruption site since Friday. All of them were smaller than magnitude 1.0.
The seismograph network is sensitive to wind, thence fewer smaller earthquakes are detected during a tempest similar the i which hitting Republic of Iceland yesterday.
Today in addition to tomorrow sulfur dioxide (SO2) gas pollution is expected northeast of the eruption site. For forecasts, become to in addition to to for information on gas levels in addition to how to respond.

Photo: Geir Ólafsson.