Symphogear AXZ pre-airing information in addition to XD Let’s play

The official site updated amongst a preview of episode 1 as well as to a greater extent than or less novel information nigh the CD singles. Also, for those of you lot looking for assistance amongst XD I’ve produced to a greater extent than or less videos that larn over all the menus as well as basics. All that afterward the jump.

SYMPHOGEAR AXZ EPISODE 1: -A glimpse into hell: Valverde-

Within a cloak-and-dagger bloom garden, life blooms amongst a potent low-cal as well as thus slow fades. 

Those who pocket the flowers are gratuitous of sin. All is done to realize the dream. 

Believe inwards justice, as well as suitcase it tight. 

Fluttering wings cleave a path through today, as well as accept flying into the cruelty of tomorrow.

Far, inwards the distance – sure enough that is where lies the abandon remains of yesterday. 



CD Singles information

On sale July 5th
Within this fist is an invincible love
Blooming Courage 
On sale July 12th
Stand up! Ready!!
Stand up! Lady!!
On sale July 19th
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Moonlight Beauty
Luminous Gate
Let’s Play Symphogear X-Drive Unlimited