Symphogear Radio returns TONIGHT!

In virtually xx minutes the start out novel episode of Symphogear Radio volition broadcast on the Hibiki radio station, which y’all tin current online at this site or using their associated call upward app. You tin follow my twitter for alive updates inward English.


Superb Laugh of the Valkyries – Symphogear Radio
Symphoear Radio is back! On this program, listeners tin continue upward amongst the excitement of the novel season, Symphogear AXZ, along amongst the host Yuka Iguchi (Miku Kohinata) every bit she strives to obtain the superb laugh!
Corner Information
Listener’s Corner / Impressions
We’re currently accepting messages from listeners amongst their opinions of the radio show, the anime, together with of course of written report whatever questions for our host together with guests!
Hibiki’s dwelling – That is me
Miku Kohinata is the closed childhood friend of the original character, Hibiki Tachibana. Their human relationship has developed to the betoken where it’s non an exaggeration to nation Miku is Hibiki’s wife. To that end, we’re accepting messages from listeners amongst their impressions of their human relationship including: “An ideal married adult woman would create something similar this!” or “I mean value a desirable married adult woman has these qualities!”
I volition accomplish it. The superb laugh!
The “Superb Song” inside the context of Symphogear is the ultimate offensive gear upward on usable past times the Adaptors. It unleashes the ability of the Symphogear beyond its limits, simply besides brings the adventure of physical injury to the user. However, inward this segment it is non a “superb song” simply rather a “superb laugh” that must survive achieved. So we’re accepting messages from fans amongst their ideas that “will for certain become a laugh!” Whichever gags, puns or brusque anecdotes y’all may conduct maintain Ms. Iguchi volition read it on air every bit your proxy.
Cool! I desire to shipping a message, simply I don’t verbalize Japanese!
Good news! I volition interpret for you. Send an electronic mail to amongst the next information together with I volition submit it to the radio show. It volition air weekly on Fri nights Nihon time. 
1. Radio Name (this is how y’all volition survive identified when they read the message on-air, together with thus become inward something memorable…and maybe slowly for Yuka to say!)
2. Your electronic mail address
3. Which of the inward a higher house segments y’all are submitting for
4. Your message