Taking a career path of an online community managing director inwards Camerooon

My Experience

Hello to you lot all. It all started online amongst my blog. After reading through closed to resources both online as well as offline as well as exploring some other sources, i works life it necessary to start upwards other websites as well as social profiles as well as pages. I  used plat forms similar Facebook, twitter, pinterest, google addition . 
I noticed that i was receiving to a greater extent than emails as well as asking than ever. I only knew my page is doing well.

Then come upwards a hateful solar daytime when someone sent me an e-mail requesting for me to create a Facebook page for him. I was similar ”wow”, this is easy. But he said he cannot practice it similar mine. I never had whatever thought on online community management. 
 After discussing amongst this customer i told him to supply me details of what he genuinely needs. Here are closed to of the things he mentioned;

-We volition demand someone who tin create a page as well as cope it on our behalf. 
-we volition similar you lot to every bit promote our page to your friends as well as followers.
-We volition similar you lot as well as your squad to monitor our page growth as well as offering suggestions on what nosotros tin practice to increase sale.

 -We volition similar to know if people similar our products from their comments, messages and others you lot tin mean value of.
– Please every bit propose tools nosotros tin role to brand the best out of our social media platforms.
-Provide content for our websites as well as pages equally.
 Many other things were listed past times my client.

  I accepted the challenge as well as did non know what to inquire for the services. After closed to inquiry I was able to come upwards up amongst quotation for  the service as well as that was a addition i inward my digital marketing career. 

 Well amongst fearfulness inward me I thought I was never going to a arrive but thank you lot to the 6th sense everything went good as well as my customer was really happy offering me 100K FCFA   for a give thank you lot you.
I decided to explore this career path . 

  The Online Community management Job.

I discovered many Republic of Cameroon were busy looking for accounting jobs ,marketing jobs,secretariat jobs as well as others. The digital jobs  are at that spot but no i to larn them. I mean value it is fourth dimension for Cameroonians to larn create for online community management job. You tin take away maintain an thought of your duties from the project my showtime customer gave me.

In brief, an online community director should take away maintain this basic chareteristics;

-Able to travel nether pressure. Social media users at times are annoying but you lot don’t take away maintain to react inward the same management as them. Keep calm as well as focus on your goals. 

– You should last able to write as well as speak well. Providing lineament content for your audience is really of import as well as you lot cannot afford to mess it upwards past times taking this career past times existence an observer.

– You should take away maintain closed to fun inward you. Don’t last similar i strict mathematics instructor who doesn’t desire to express joy when looking for ”x” as well as ”y”.  Some clients are on social media only to take away maintain fun. While effort to brand conversions from them   make certain their mood is non distorted because you lot were i variety of ‘’serious person’’

 Please don’t larn MR Bean or spaco because I take away maintain said you lot should   have closed to fun inward you. Be natural as well as human. That’s all.

 – Be someone who tin inspire others.
– You should last creative. Make role of moving painting editors, intelligence , excel as well as others.  People similar creative things as well as volition genuinely dear to last business office of your community if you lot are that type of person.
– You should last able to laid discussions that tin Pb to sales. Don’t last focused on publishing products or services for sale.
You tin email: ransbiz@live.com if you lot desire to a greater extent than nigh this career path. Permit me terminate here.
In all this is a career path that is based on the someone as well as non the education. I believe if youths tin add together this science to their skills it volition opened upwards them to to a greater extent than opportunities inward the digital market.

How volition you lot start?
You tin larn a volunteer for whatever someone as well as run across what results you lot tin bring. You tin volunteer inward becoming an admin of a page, writing content as well as sharing on your page, or profile, volunteering for companies. However, your focus should last on achieving specific goals. Today, I cope several pages. I did non practice a social media Facebook page management course of written report inward the university. 

I believe you lot tin every bit select upwards the project as well as larn a amend online community manager.

In the nearest future, nosotros volition last offering 1, Month ,2 months, as well as iii months courses  for those interested inward having a amend thought on this career path.
Companies inward Republic of Cameroon should reckon employing an online community director or closed to getting closed to talents from exterior to acquit this project for them.   

Sales as well as leads are increasing everyday on social media platforms as well as your society should non last left out.   Join us to create a digital Republic of Cameroon amongst our #getonlinecameroon on twitter as well as facebook.
Do you lot take away maintain whatever online community management sense inward Cameroon?

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