Tectonic Fabric Terminology

Axial airplane cleavage Cleavage that is parallel or subparallel to the axial airplane of a fold; it is mostly assumed that the cleavage formed about synchronous alongside folding as well as is subparallel to the XY-plane of the volume finite strain ellipsoid.

Cleavage Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 secondary stuff element, formed nether low-temperature conditions, that imparts to the stone a style to divide along planes.

Cross-cutting cleavage Cleavage that is non parallel to the axial airplane of a plication (also nonaxial airplane cleavage); the term transecting cleavage is used when cleavage as well as folding are considered about synchronous inwards a transpressional regime.

Fabric The geometric organisation of factor features inwards a rock, seen on a scale large plenty to include many samples of each feature.

Foliation The full general term for whatever type of “planar” stuff inwards a stone (e.g., bedding, cleavage, schistosity).

Gneissosity Foliation inwards feldspar-rich metamorphic rock, formed at intermediate to high temperatures, that is defined past times compositional banding; the prefixes “ortho” as well as “para” are used for igneous as well as sedimentary protoliths, respectively.

Lineation Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 stuff chemical element that is best represented past times a line, pregnant that i of its dimensions is much longer than the other two.

Migmatite Semichaotic mixture of layers formed past times partial melting as well as deformation.

Mylonitic foliation Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 foliation inwards ductile shear zones that is defined past times the dimensional preferred orientation of flattened grains; the foliation tracks the XY flattening airplane of the finite strain ellipsoid as well as is hence at a depression angle to the shear-zone boundary.

Phyllitic cleavage Foliation that is composed of strongly aligned fine-grained white mica and/or chlorite; the mineralogy as well as stuff of phyllites laissez passer the stone a distinctive silky appearance, called phyllitic luster.

Schistosity Foliation inwards metamorphic rock, formed at intermediate temperatures, that is defined past times mica (primarily muscovite as well as biotite), which gives the stone a shiny appearance.

Texture The blueprint of crystallographic axes inwards an aggregate of grains; besides crystallographic fabric.

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