The Great Volcanoes: Krafla

From the Krafla eruption inward 1980. Photo: Guðmundur Sigvaldason
Krafla inward Northeast Republic of Iceland is i of Iceland’s most spectacular in addition to active volcanoes. The prominent Hverfjall in addition to Ludent tuff rings due east of Lake Mývatn are the results of eruptions along the 100-km-long scissure system, which extends equally far equally the northward coast of Iceland.
The renowned Mývatn formed during the eruption of the older Laxárhraun lava flow from the Ketildyngja shield volcano.
For nearly a decade the Krafla (map) caldera in addition to Krafla scissure swarm erupted on in addition to off inward the catamenia 1975-84. The events were a striking repetition of what happened during the Mývatn fires inward the 1720s.

Mývatn is i of the most pop destinations inward Republic of Iceland for unusual in addition to domestic tourists. In 1975 an eruption started nearby. Nobody expected much action in addition to the fires were relatively contained. But they lasted until 1984.

The action that took house in that place has been termed a rifting episode. It started amongst increasing seismic action inward the Krafla caldera during the mo one-half of 1975, culminating amongst an earthquake swarm, footing fissuring, in addition to a small-scale lava eruption but northward of Leirhnjúkur crater on Dec 20, 1975.

During an active episode, magma ascends below the cardinal volcano in addition to is stored inward shallow magma chambers at a depth of three km. These events were accompanied yesteryear volcanic tremor, earthquakes swarms, vertical footing movements in addition to widening of i purpose or other of the scissure swarm in addition to increased geothermal activity. Some 17 volcanic events of this form occurred from Dec 1975 until September 1984. After 1980 these events were accompanied yesteryear extrusion of lava.

The longer lasting eruptions started equally long fissures but the action concentrated later the outset twenty-four hours on a curt segment where sizeable scoria cones grew. After the September 1984 eruption the full expanse covered yesteryear the lava flows measured 36 foursquare km in addition to the book well-nigh 0.25-0.3 km³.

Many experience that the electrical flow Holuhraun eruption reminds them of the Krafla fires.