The natural beauty of Mars

Mt Sharp, Mars taken yesteryear Curiosity, Aug. 27 2012

The Mars Curiosity rover took this photograph of Mt. Sharp, Mars on Aug. 27. It’s the embrace fine art for the mag Astrobiology, amongst a greenback yesteryear UC Davis geologist Dawn Sumner, who is working amongst the Curiosity scientific discipline team.
You tin sack clearly come across layers of sedimentary stone exposed on the hillside. That way H2O was i time here, as well as lots of it.

Sumner writes:

This image, shown on the cover, is a turning betoken for Mars exploration. This is non the Mars of Viking, Pathfinder, Opportunity, Spirit, or Phoenix. Mars is similar a shot visibly a planet amongst dramatic outcrops of sedimentary stone that tape a complex geological history. It is a planet amongst landscapes every bit spectacular every bit Earth’s ain national parks – places to larn for their beauty alone. Mount Sharp is to a greater extent than beautiful than whatever of us imagined. 

…the public has a novel sentiment of Mars – i of spectacular, inspiring beauty.

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The inwards a higher house storey is based on materials provided by NASA. The master copy article was written by Andy Fell. Geology In