The Relationship Between Igneous Rocks & Tectonic Plates

Igneous stone tin cast where tectonic plates diverge or converge. Learn how the displace of tectonic plates tin create the correct weather condition of the solidification of magma together with the formation of igneous rocks.

Igneous Rocks

Let’s say you’re on a scavenger hunt together with the end exceptional you lot quest to discovery is an igneous rock. You learned that igneous rocks are rocks that cast from the cooling together with solidifying of magma or lava, which is the mention given to magma that reaches the surface of the basis together with the materials you lot intend of flowing downward the side of a volcano.

Armed amongst this cognition you lot powerfulness hop on a plane together with wing to the closest active volcanic mount to hunt for an igneous rock.

General Classification of Igneous Rocks

Well, this would endure 1 alternative opened upward to you, merely did you lot know that igneous rocks tin besides endure flora at the bottom of the bounding main every bit good every bit deep underground? This is because igneous stone formation is linked to the displace of tectonic plates. nosotros volition larn to a greater extent than most tectonic plates together with how their movements atomic number 82 to the formation of igneous rocks.

Tectonic Plates

So let’s starting fourth dimension past times making certain nosotros empathise what tectonic plates are. There is a theory, called plate tectonics, which states that the Earth’s crust is broken upward into plates. In other words, if you lot were to strip everything off of the Earth’s surface together with drain all of the water, the remaining musical rhythm of the planet would await similar it was cracked, much similar the fractures that tumble out when you lot fissure the musical rhythm of a hardboiled egg.

The plate-like sections of Earth’s crust are called tectonic plates.

These massive tectonic plates are able to displace together with they basically float on top of the hot, deep layers of the earth. These hot, deep layers are where nosotros reckon magma forming. As these plates float around, they interact amongst each other. They tin either acquire closer together or drift apart, together with this tectonic plate displace gives us the correct weather condition for the formation of igneous rocks.

What’s the departure betwixt an active together with passive continental margin?

Diverging Tectonic Plates together with Igneous Rocks

Let’s accept a await at igneous stone formation where tectonic plates displace apart or diverge. As these massive plates of the Earth’s crust piece of cake carve upward from each other, magma from below the crust has an chance to mash upward through the gap together with attain the surface. This tin fifty-fifty tumble out if the boundary betwixt plates is flora at the bottom of the ocean. In fact, diverging tectonic plates are responsible for the formation of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which is a continuous mount chain located nether the surface of the sea. As the magma makes its agency through the opening created past times the diverging plates, the magma meets upward amongst the cooler temperatures, allowing it to solidify into igneous rock.

Converging Tectonic Plates together with Igneous Rocks

Igneous rocks tin besides cast where plates bump upward against each other. Sometimes when tectonic plates converge they create an surface area where 1 tectonic plate is pushed nether approximately other plate. This surface area is referred to every bit a subduction zone. The subducting plate is pushed into the hotter, deeper layers of the Earth, where it melts. This newly melted stone is less dense than the corporation stone it originated from, thus it starts to ascent toward the surface. It volition either solidify cloak-and-dagger or brand its agency to the surface every bit lava together with and thus solidify, merely either agency it volition cast igneous rock.