These five Mysterious Objects Spotted On Mars Simply Aren’t What They Look Like

“Face On Mars”
  • It doesn’t larn to a greater extent than classic than this. The Viking 1 spacecraft spotted this “Face on Mars” inwards 1976. Since in addition to so it’s been featured inwards movies in addition to TV shows. When the Mars Global Surveyor flew over in addition to snapped sharper photos inwards 1998, the appear upward was seen for what it actually is: merely a mesa.


  • NASA’s Curiosity rover captured this cutie on Mars inwards Jan 2013. The stone does comport a remarkable likeness to an iguana — it’s got a tail, dewlap in addition to fifty-fifty an “eye.” But again, this is exactly a rock.


  • When the Mars rover Spirit captured this icon of a human-like figure inwards 2007, alien enthusiasts hoped it powerfulness in conclusion endure a sign of alien life on the cherry planet. Scientists’ verdict? Rock.

“Mars Rat”

The “Mars rat” was flora inwards a March 2013 icon from the Curiosity rover. The rat took the Internet yesteryear tempest — in addition to fifty-fifty got its ain Twitter account. So, stone or tech-savvy rat?… It’s just. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 rock.


  • Spooky! This skull-like object was spotted inwards an icon taken yesteryear the rover Spirit inwards 2006. Similar “skulls” stimulate got been spotted inwards subsequent rover images — including a plane in addition to a T. rex. Even an “alien’s skull” was spotted. The verdict? ALL ROCKS.