Top v Coasts In Britain in addition to Ireland

1- Giant’s Causeway ,County Antrim, Northern Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway together with Causeway Coast World Heritage Site is 1 of solely ii such sites inward the British Isles inscribed on the World Heritage List because of their geological heritage. Although famous throughout the world, most people don’t genuinely know the total argue why the Giant’s Causeway together with the Causeway Coast made it onto the list.
The even out of the Giant’s Causeway begins near threescore meg years during the Palaeogene period, when the ancient continent of Laurasia began to fragment, causing the opening of the North Atlantic Ocean. The resulting cataclysmic volcanic activity along this zone of crustal weakness formed the rocks of the WHS too every bit those on following parts of Western Scotland. Lavas poured out into a karst landscape of the Ulster White Limestone, extending from volcanoes together with fissures that littered the area, together with roofing the entire province surface.
The get-go lavas to erupt consisted of at to the lowest degree vi eruptions, which were thus followed yesteryear a long quiescent catamenia during which all volcanic activity ceased. This hiatus led to heavy weathering of the topmost flow, leading to a serial of chemic changes producing a mix of laterite, lithomarge together with bauxite, known every bit the Interbasaltic Formation. During this long dormant catamenia surface erosion carved the lava fields into a richly forested landscapes of depression hills together with deep broad valleys.
Volcanic activity resumed all of a precipitous together with dramatically, amongst lava initially draining into the valleys, together with at the Causeway it accumulated every bit a large lava lake to a greater extent than or less 90m deep. This trunk of lava cooled tardily together with evenly developing regular stress patterns every bit it solidified causing contraction cracks that permeated the entire mass, creating thousands of columns. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 farther vi to 8 eruptions followed (together creating the Causeway Tholeiite Member), only the get-go created the thickest flow.
Following this at that spot was to a greater extent than or less other long catamenia of dormancy, succeeded yesteryear the finally gigantic serial of eruptions (Upper Basalt Formation), amongst the pipes together with fissures supplying these finally flows passing through the before rocks on their agency to the surface.
So whilst most people come upward to the Giant’s Causeway to run into the impressive columnar basalts, inward lodge the gain a total appreciation of why the site has been inscribed on the World Heritage List the total cite of the Giant’s Causeway together with Causeway Coast World Heritage Site is ultimately to a greater extent than useful. My taking inward the total site, the geological activity of the Palaeogene catamenia is clearly illustrated yesteryear the succession of lava flows together with interbasaltic beds, allowing for a detailed analysis of Palaeogene events inward the North Atlantic.
Of course, to a greater extent than or less tell it was built yesteryear a giant called Finn McCool, only tearing volcanic eruptions are much to a greater extent than exciting!

2-Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland 

Standing at 214m, these magnificent cliffs stretch for v miles along the Atlantic Coast together with are Ireland’s most visited natural attraction.
3- Hunstanton Cliffs, Norfolk, England

These colourful, stripy cliffs are noted for their fossils, together with the contrast betwixt the blood-red limestone, known every bit ‘red chalk’, topped yesteryear a white chalk layer.
4-Seven Sisters & Beachy Head,East Sussex, England

These iconic cliffs are business office of the South Downs together with are formed from Chalk. At their base, at that spot are several chalk reefs, to a greater extent than or less of the best inward the Britain together with Europe.
5-Lulworth, Dorset, England

The Lulwoth site features both the pop

 rocks of Lulworth Cove together with the Durdle Door formation, a must-visit site for whatever budding geologist!