Two vivid Tourmalines on Cleavelandite blades

Gorgeous specimen featuring ii vivid Tourmalines on Cleavelandite blades!

The largest Tourmaline is to a greater extent than oft than non scarlet but changes over to a greenish color simply below where it touches the Cleavelandite. The final result at run yesteryear is perfect as well as the sides are incredibly glassy as well as lustrous! The surface striations saltation out at yous every bit yous curl the specimen from side to side. The smaller companion Tourmaline to the left is a mix of scarlet as well as dark-green coloration but every bit good has a amount termination. This is 1 of the prettiest California Tourmaline combos that I’ve seen latterly as well as in that place is no impairment to the tips.

From the Himalaya Mine, Mesa Grande District, San Diego County, California.
Measures 4.4 cm yesteryear 4.5 cm yesteryear 6.3 cm inwards amount size.
Ex. Martin Zinn, K. Ward Mineral Collections

 The Mineral Gallery, Inc.