Types of Tectonic Boundaries


Divergent boundary—when plates diverge, spreading centers shape creating novel oceanic crust. Examples include mid-ocean ridges inward world’s sea basins. Spreading centers occur where continents are pulling apart. Examples include the Africa rift zones, Red Sea basin, Iceland, as well as North America’s Great Basin portion including the Gulf of California.

Spreading centerA linear expanse where novel crust forms where 2 crustal plates are moving apart, such every bit along a mid-oceanic ridge. Spreading centers are typically seismically active regions inward sea basins as well as may endure regions of active or frequent volcanism. 
Convergent boundarywhen continents collide… mountains belts shape – examples include the Himalayas, Alps, as well as ancient Appalachian Mountains when the ancient continent of Pangaea formed. When continents collide amongst sea crust… subduction zones amongst deep sea trenches as well as volcanic arcs shape – examples include the Andes Mountains, Aleutian Islands, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, the ancient Sierra Nevada as well as modern Cascades Range. 

Subduction zonea plate boundary along which 1 plate of the Earth’s outer trounce descends (subducts) at an angle beneath another. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 subduction zone is ordinarily marked past times a deep trench on the sea floor. An instance is the Cascadia Subduction Zone offshore of Washington, Oregon, as well as northern California. Most tsunamis are generated past times subduction-zone-related earthquakes. 

Transform boundarywhen plates slide past times each other creating error systems along plate margins. Examples include the San Andreas Fault as well as major faults inward Pakistan, Turkey, as well as along the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan River/Dead Sea.

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