United Mexican United States of America Calcite Optical Calcite

United Mexican US Republic of Iceland spar, produced inward Nuevo Leon, United Mexican US . 3.3 x 2.4 x 1.3 cm. Republic of Iceland spar inward the portion has a particular fluorescence together with phosphorescence (Fluorescent & Phosphorescent). Phosphorescence is that when ultraviolet lite root is turned off, a mineral withal continued fluorescence phenomena over time. Piece of Republic of Iceland spar was real shallow pink, cleavage since a much larger Republic of Iceland spar, which tin dismiss live on issued nether shortwave ultraviolet lite blue-violet fluorescence (obviously), tin dismiss live on issued nether the long-wave ultraviolet fluorescent pinkish (obviously). After the short-wave ultraviolet lite turned off, the blue-violet fluorescence tin dismiss final several seconds.

Fluorescent minerals: calcite (Iceland spar), blue-violet fluorescence (shortwave), pinkish fluorescence (longwave), fluorescence obvious.

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