Utility Sink Installation Part Two: The Drain

Here the decision of the utility sink installation.  If yous haven’t already, brand certain yous banking concern check out the outset post & video where I covered the H2O supply.  In this video I am using an one-time garden hose department to consummate the drain for this projection for nether $5. Whenever I endeavour to produce projects similar this I ever similar to purpose things I convey laying roughly earlier I become out in addition to purchase novel parts. I would dear to convey done a total 1 1/2″ drain pipage all the means over to the sump but had this broken garden hose laying roughly in addition to could non resist trying to purpose it every bit the drain.

I picked upward a twosome of fittings to transition from the 1 1/2″ PVC manful somebody adapter on the bottom of the utility tub to a 3/4″ threaded manful somebody hose connection. Total toll was nether $5 for those parts in addition to the balance was made alongside a slice of hose.

The connexion was simple, gum the pvc fittings together, claw upward the hose, in addition to run it over to the sump nearly 8 feet away. I hence tested the drain charge per unit of measurement past times filling the tub upward in addition to letting it drain in addition to running H2O continuously for nearly v minutes. The hose seems to proceed upward in addition to drain the tub simply fine hence I am going to clal this a success for now.
The alone job organization I convey is that the smaller diameter hose may instruct clogged easily if anything gets flushed downward the drain similar modest pebbles, dirt, etc. I volition proceed yous updated if this turns into a hurting inward the long term.
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