Volcanic eruption on Republic of Cape Verde Island

Eruption of the Fogo volcano/Cape Verde Islands, Jan 2015.
A squad from the GFZ German linguistic communication Research Centre for Geosciences is currently conducting query to back upwards local partners in addition to to amend assess the evolution of the eruption in addition to associated hazards. Stimulated past times a contact betoken for the European CECIS (Common Emergency Communication in addition to Information System), the GFZ has started to discovery the volcano eruption in addition to to render back upwards on information acquisition in addition to interpretation. “Our team, the GFZ Hazard in addition to Risk Team HART, industrial plant inwards unopen collaboration amongst the University of Cape Verde, the Volcano Observatory of the Canary Islands, in addition to the German linguistic communication Aerospace Centre,” says GFZ-volcanologist doctor Thomas Walter. “On 1 hand, nosotros are analysing information from the newest remote sensing satellites to railroad train models of the magma ascent path. On the other, nosotros are collecting information on the lava flows require inwards the acre past times installing volcano monitoring instruments.”
The satellite data, which is acquired past times the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-1 satellite, enables the criterion of the world movements associated amongst the volcano eruption. The GFZ scientists bring succeeded inwards locating in addition to next the path of the magma from depth to its betoken of eruption. As a result, the place of the ascent paths at depth explains good why the eruption site is off-centered amongst honour to the volcano summit. The Sentinel-1 satellite acquires novel imagery well-nigh 1 time per week, which allows for regular updates on the the world crusade in addition to the magma ascent path beneath.
This remote sensing information is complemented past times an expedition squad that is making dissimilar types of measurements. Infrared recordings permit for monitoring temperature changes. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation scanner, inwards addition, provides topographic measurements at millions of points. GFZ scientist Walter explains: “This information allows us to quantify the erupted lava volumes in addition to also to amend assess the run a risk associated amongst lava flows to come.” The remaining duration of the eruption is non known. The magma’s eruption charge per unit of measurement has decreased, only concerns bring arisen well-nigh a recent increase of the explosive grapheme of the eruption in addition to related ash dispersion. These developments are currently beingness investigated, although they hateful that an all-too-close approach to the eruption site remains dangerous.

The higher upwards storey is based on materials provided by Helmholtz Centre Potsdam – GFZ German linguistic communication Research Centre for GeosciencesNote: Materials may endure edited for content in addition to length. photo Credit: Judith Levy, GFZ

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